For many families, a backyard is where you spend a lot of your leisure time. It’s a place where you can entertain family and friends or relax on a hot summer day.

You can have the comfort and convenience of your home by adding simple elements to your backyard. Most buyers are attracted to homes with excellent interior designs and inviting backyards they can use as additional living space- which increases the resale value.

Guide To Making Your Backyard An Oasis:

You can add several elements to create an oasis in your backyard, including a copper fire pit, patio space, or lighting.

Making Your Backyard An Oasis

Here is the ultimate guide to making your backyard an oasis.

1. Install A CopperSmith Fire Pit

There is something incredible about copper that grabs people’s attention immediately. Other materials, like concrete, may have a hard time blending in with the background, but copper doesn’t have such a problem. When you shop your fire pit with CopperSmith, you get a high-quality piece with your desired finishing and numerous custom elements.

Gas fire pits are becoming a popular centerpiece for a relaxing and comfortable entertainment area. Flames are mesmerizing, so when you buy a CopperSmith fire pit, expect to spend innumerable evenings around the fire with friends and family, talking about life and as you enjoy ultimate luxury.

Wood fire pits are a lot of work since you have to continuously stock up on wood regularly. There is a significant amount of mess associated with wood burning, while there is less to do with a gas fire pit apart from switching on and off. Make your life easier by getting a gas fire pit from CopperSmith as your source of heat and entertainment.

2. Build A Patio Space

Designated patio space for outdoor entertaining is crucial to making your backyard an oasis. If you have a new house with just grass and dirt, you can add a deck area where you can establish a perfect gathering area. Ensure you include sufficient seating for your guests.

 Patio Space

Suppose you already have a patio or deck; you can upgrade the space by resetting, staining, or repainting the patio stones. You can also add new decor or new furniture to spruce it up.

3. Adding Extra Lighting

Another great way to make your backyard an oasis is by adding extra lighting to serve you at night. Whether you choose string lights, solar lights, or floodlights, ensure the lighting is pretty and functional.

Solar lights are a great option because they are easy to install and cost-efficient. They come in diverse styles, so you can find a perfect spot in your backyard and set them. Having a deck with hanging lights is a fantastic way to add ambiance. Ensure your backyard is well-lit to allow all sorts of activities, even at night.


When you want to create an oasis in your backyard, installing a CopperSmith fire pit can enhance visual appeal. You can add a deck or a patio where you can gather and entertain your guests. Adding extra light is also a fantastic way of making your backyard an oasis.

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