Coin collecting may be worth diving into if you're looking for a worthwhile hobby.

One of the main reasons many are drawn to this hobby is the opportunity to acquire valuable coins from dealers in NYC, or any other place. Particularly those made of precious metals that have historical significance. 

Some collect random coins, especially while traveling, as a fun way to preserve the memories of that trip. 

If this is your first time collecting coins, you'll be surprised at the variety of coins that are worth investing in. It would be best if you were also aware of the widespread use of altered and fake coins, which are less costly but resemble their expensive counterparts in appearance and feel.

How To Find The Professional Coin Dealer?

Professional Coin Dealer

With this in mind, finding a reputable coin dealer is crucial, whether you want to purchase coins to add to your collection or sell the ones you intend to let go of. Today, you can readily find an array of dealers at local coin stores, coin auction sites, or local coin shows. 

You can also check out reputable options online, such as and other similar sources, to ensure a good head start for your coin collection.

A Close Look At Coin Collecting 

Coin collecting, also known as numismatics, is one of the oldest hobbies that both young and old can enjoy. Most coin collectors got into the hobby after discovering a coin that piqued their interest, while others became interested as a result of a coin collection inherited from a family member. 

Although some people collect coins as an enjoyable activity, most do so for long-term profit. Essentially, if you're going to collect something, you might as well choose an item that'll grow in value over the years. Collecting coins will be rewarding if you're planning on starting a new hobby. 

If you're wondering how you can get started, you must first have a basic understanding of coin collecting. Then, you can start collecting coins to see if this is something you want to do as a pastime. 

However, if you want to do it because of the possibility of making money, you should consider being selective about the coins you buy. Work with a reliable coin dealer to get the most value out of your coin collection. 

You might want to scrutinize a reputable coin dealer newsletter and dealers online to protect yourself from fraud, especially if you’re investing a significant amount of money.

Tips On Finding An Honest Coin Dealer

Buy Coin

Whether you want to purchase or sell extra coins, working with a trustworthy and reputable coin dealer would be an advantage. Although looking for a coin dealer nowadays is easy as the hobby is gaining popularity, it's important to consider a few factors.

Here are several valuable things to keep in mind to help you find an honest coin dealer:

1. Know If A Coin Dealer Belongs To A Trade Association 

The majority of coin dealers are passionate and eager to help out collectors, especially those who are new to the hobby. However, to establish their credibility in business dealings, you must look into their background. 

One recommended way to ensure their reliability is to determine their affiliation with a trade association such as the PNG (Professional Numismatists Guild) or with the ANA (American Numismatic Association). 

It's important to remember that dealers who belong to trade associations must abide by the guidelines to guarantee that they operate their businesses properly, ethically, and legally. Both associations will only accept members who can comply with several stringent standards.

2. Research About Their Experience 

Similar to any business, the longer they have been in the industry, the more they know about their trade. The same applies when looking for a coin dealer. Those who have been in the industry for years know how to appraise rare and valuable coins. 

It's important if you plan on adding gold coins to your collection soon, especially Gold American Buffalo and American Eagle coins.

If coin collecting appeals to you as an investment, it's crucial to seek the advice of a trustworthy and knowledgeable NYC coin dealer to obtain accurate information about your coins. 

The ideal approach to gain the information necessary to determine the experience and expertise of a coin dealer is to visit their store in person. Generally, it involves asking the dealer several questions, including their experience in the field, area of specialization, membership in trade associations, partners in the industry, or ownership of a brick-and-mortar store, to name a few. 

The coin dealer's answers will give you an overview of their experience and expertise. Generally, it'll serve as a basis for deciding which coin dealer you'll work with if you intend to grow your coin collection. 

You should also note that not all coin dealers have a physical store. However, lacking one doesn't necessarily mean they have questionable business operations.

Depending on the circumstances, they might lack the resources to employ staff. Some dealers specializing in a specific category of coins often maintain an online presence but lack a physical store.

3. Determine Reputation In The Industry Or Among Peers 

Another way to know if a coin dealer is reliable is to evaluate their standing within the sector. It's crucial to note that a coin dealer may develop a poor reputation among peers if they're not trustworthy or follow unethical practices. If you encounter such coin dealers, it's best to avoid dealing with them in any way. 

If you know other coin collectors, consider asking about their experience with different coin dealers. Doing so will supply you with additional insight into the reputation of a coin dealer.

A coin collector may not know the reputation of every coin dealer. Due to this, it's important to know if a coin dealer is a trade association member. If you happen to be part of a coin club in your area, consider asking other members if they have shortlisted a coin dealer. Know if they had any good or poor experiences.

4. Ascertain The Real Assets 

If you're looking for a reputable coin dealer, you should know if they have an array of genuine assets. It may unquestionably indicate that they'll be in business for a long time. However, you should also ascertain if these valuables aren't being sold on consignment, which would indicate that the coin dealer no longer owns the items.

Make it a priority to check the real assets of a coin dealer you plan to work with. Doing so will serve as a way to protect yourself from being ripped off or exploited in case the coin dealer goes out of business in the future.

Always remember that each of the coin dealers and their financial stability is a concrete sign that they'll stay in business for an extended time and be able to pay compensation.

5. Find Out Your Options For Disputes 

For your protection, you should look closely at your options for any disputes. If a coin dealer isn't a member of a trade association, they don't maintain any standards and can be problematic to deal with in case of a dispute. Depending on the affiliation of a coin dealer, there's an arbitration procedure if a complaint is brought up to resolve the dispute.

When a dispute arises, you might have to deal with bringing legal claims as well as making complaints to the government. Sadly, not all have the time and finances to endure lengthy ordeals. With this in mind, choosing an honest coin dealer is important to avoid any trouble.

6. Know The Ethics 

How a coin dealer engages with coin collectors is crucial during the selection process. Remember that the ethics of a coin dealer are important since you don't want to end up being taken advantage of, especially if you're a beginner who is eager to invest in coins made of precious metals.

It can be disheartening to encounter a dealer who barely shows interest in the coins you want to invest in and blatantly presents you with so-called recommended choices without any explanation. Coin dealers sometimes even utilize high-pressure tactics to close a deal. Sadly, when dealers use this method to do business, it's best to avoid them at all costs.

A coin dealer with affiliations or memberships with trade associations will always support ethical practices. For example, a coin dealer will take time to thoroughly assess the value of your coins and provide you with a reasonable estimate based on the real market value.

Although it's a suitable course, it's not always the case. With this in mind, know the ethics of the coin dealers you have shortlisted before doing business with any of them.

Final Thoughts

Coin collecting can be both an enjoyable and profitable hobby. Working with a reliable coin dealer is the key to ensuring you have a good start with the hobby, whether it's for fun or a long-term investment. Although you can find an enormous array of dealers nowadays, it's important to find a reliable and trustworthy one.

Considering several key factors such as experience, affiliations, assets, reputation, ethics, and recourse will serve as your guide in finding a coin dealer you'll be comfortable working with and guide you in building your coin collection.

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