Even before ground is broken for a managed construction project, the plans and budget should be detailed and finalized. One of the most universal safety measures that a construction site will allow for, and in some cases is mandatory, in their budget would be the purchase and installation of a mesh fence to enclose the area.

But a simple, often inexpensive feature to include in the budget for the fence itself and the durable materials involved would be informational signs that are often forgotten by those in charge of planning.

Anyone who has been in the construction trade for a while knows that the right sign for the right purpose can have a huge impact on a job site. Some businesses are only interested in getting the word out about their construction business, while others focus solely on making signage for safety their number one priority.

Fence signs can provide a solution for both types of companies, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out the type of material that would work best for a sign’s particular function.

Here Are The Top 3 Durable Materials That Are Used To Provide High Visibility And Durability To Any Construction Site:


  1. Aluminum
  2. Vinyl
  3. Shade Cloth

1. Aluminum

If a construction site needs special warning signs that are highly visible, durable, and can be used time and time again, they should consider having signage made from aluminum. This material is known to withstand inclement weather, heavy traffic, and exposure to heavy equipment. Aluminum signs are also easy to clean.

Most aluminum signs are screen-printed with powerful inks that hold up in extreme conditions while still maintaining bright, striking colors. Some fence sign materials can be reinforced with vinyl and polyester, but the company hired to create the sign should be able to provide guidance on the best type of sign for any specific needs.

The thickness of some aluminum signs may vary, so it is important to have the sign maker clarify why one thickness may be better than another to better inform your decision. Another lesser-known benefit of aluminum signage is that it is often recyclable.

Long-Term Outdoor Advertising

2. Vinyl

The most versatile material that may be used for a construction company’s long-term outdoor advertising is vinyl. Banners made from vinyl are often affixed to the fence of a construction site and will convey a number of messages from who the construction company is and what they are building to indicating a targeted completion date and contact information.

Construction companies continue to choose vinyl for their signs time and again because the signs can then be taken down in one location and put back up at another one to be reused for many purposes. Vinyl signs tend to be cost-effective for almost any budget and come with very little ongoing maintenance. Depending on how much exposure a sign has to the elements, a vinyl sign can resist fading and be very easy to clean.

Vinyl banners can be made in a number of different sizes and shapes. A banner doesn’t have to be in the shape of a large rectangle to affix to a fence. Some banners are smaller and resemble flags when hung from a short end. Depending on the message and purpose of the sign, vinyl has proven to be more functional and customizable than many other materials.

If a sign is needed and will be placed in a very windy or high-traffic area, the vinyl mesh can allow for wind and debris to flow through the sign. Vinyl mesh has tiny holes where the material is missing in order for the sign to experience less resistance. The holes are so small that the missing material for the holes does not impact the quality and visibility of the sign.

3. Shade Cloth

The most common reason a business doesn’t invest in outdoor signs is that it seems like it’s too pricey for the return they’ll receive. Shade cloth is one of the most affordable materials for a sign printing company to offer without sacrificing durability and quality. Anyone who would like the benefits of vinyl mesh but can’t afford it should look into shade cloth.

Shade cloth is made using a porous substrate that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The material doesn’t allow for the most accurate print reproductions, but it still gets the message across without looking cheap or weathered from exposure to the elements. The mesh simply has a lower thread count than the vinyl mesh, but regardless, the final outcome and price make shade cloth a great value for anyone with a small budget.


Signs for a construction site aren’t anything new to most people in the business. But new companies or those working on a limited budget really can’t afford to skip any opportunity to advertise and keep workers, passers-by, and others safe with fence signs or banners.

In order to be able to select the perfect sign for a specific site and need, it is important to understand the purpose of the sign and the fence mesh materials that are available.

While the types of durable materials listed here are the top three that are commonly used for construction long-term outdoor advertising, research and education are important before placing an order for any sign.

Make sure to note what is available for an outdoor sign, the range of durable materials that are available for the signage, the conditions the sign will need to combat, how easy the sign will be to clean, and the detail needed to print your desired design, and, of course, the cost of the sign.

Another consideration should be to assess how long a sign made out of a particular material should last. The more durable and versatile a sign is for a particular purpose, the more that any significant up-front cost to the budget may make more financial sense in the long run for the company.

Also, if a sign is able to go for long periods of time without having to be repaired, this may make paying a little more for the right material beneficial for the business. Whatever material is chosen for a construction sign, the investment is one that often pays off in the long run.



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