Are you planning on having a website for your organization or business? Should you do it by yourself or hire a professional expert? Well, this question is quite common when taking your business to the next level digitally. So let’s see how they stack up and why you should opt for a DIY.

DIY vs. hiring an expert: how do they compare? 

DIY vs. hiring an expert: how do they compare? 

1. Cost

The cost of a DIY website is way cheaper compared to outsourcing an expert’s services. Technology has been resourceful in providing templates that guide you step by step. You will also find multiple themes to choose from and customize as per your design. This option is unavailable in agency services; they design based on trends and what seems to match your brand. Are you minimizing expenditure? You should opt for a DIY project.

2. Time and speed

DIY WordPress design is less time-consuming. You can design within minutes as you follow the guide templates. If you need a basic website, consider DIY. A professional agency would take more time to design your website.

3. End product

When designing a DIY WordPress website, you already know what you would want it to look like. This means that you stick to your plan and customize everything as per your needs. With professionals, you only describe what you want and wait to see the end product. :

4. Knowledge and experience

You can agree that a DIY WordPress design and development is more of trial and error. This can be explained by the fact that you are experimental and following guide templates. Since you know too little, your website will be basic. On the contrary, experts have extensive knowledge and would design a website perfectly.

5. Technical features

A DIY WordPress website design only captures basic features because you won’t focus on the technical aspect. In this case, your web won’t be fully functional, and you could miss out on attracting clients if you are selling your services, product, or brand. Its counterpart goes beyond an owner’s interests to incorporating what prospects might be looking for. You will need a web design agency to work on the technical details.

Advantages of creating a DIY website 

Advantages of creating a DIY website 

Some of the benefits you get designing your website include:


Acquiring templates and themes is inexpensive. You don’t have to pay for extra services unless you are looking for a professional website.


Designing a website can be done at your own time and pace, unlike professionals who stick to bookings and scheduled appointments. DIY means that you can start as of when you are ready. You know what you are likely to get: some designers claim to be professionals, yet they are amateurs in SaaS website design. But with DIY, you understand what you are getting into and will stick to your idea.

Get feedback:

The good thing with designing on your own is that you can ask for feedback from acquaintances who are experts and implement practical ideas. Integrate knowledge and niche: no one understands your business services needs better than you do! DIY web development helps you incorporate your business’ essential features as you wish. This means that you will sell your services better.

Acquire knowledge:

This is one way of acquiring new skills. Who knows what this adventure might lead to? The design might turn out great if you pay attention to details and pride yourself in this accomplishment.


DIY website design is an interesting venture to explore and interact with new tools. You should consider working on your website if you are starting and cannot cater to the financial expenses of hiring an agency.

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