Millennials love their pets, and they're the largest pet-owning segment of Americans. They're also tech-savvy and do a lot of their shopping online first.

Specialty pet products are in high demand. Online pet suppliers expect revenue of over $6 billion dollars by 2025. That's not counting in-store sales!

Specialty pet stores profit from clever online marketing strategies. Increased traffic to your website and store increases your sales.

Keep reading to learn more about online pet store marketing.

1. Showcase Exotic Pets:

Host an exotic online pet show.

Show your customers that you've got more than cats, dogs, and fish. What's your specialty? Do you carry ferrets and other interesting animals?

Entertain customers while educating them at the same time. Show them your niche items like rabbit food. Your customers may buy a new pet and the food and accessories to go with it.

Advertise the show for several weeks on your website and social media accounts.

2. Google My Business:

While this isn't especially unique, it's mandatory for your online and offline business.

Sign up on Google My Business. A business profile is free. When customers search your business or one like it, your profile shows in the search results.

Make sure all the info is up to date. Put your business hours, website URL, and phone number.

3. Social Media Campaigns:

Instagram is great for showing off your specialty pet store. And pet accounts are some of the most popular, boasting thousands of followers.

Take photos of your customers' pets, posting them on Instagram on a daily basis. Use your smartphone's camera. Pose the pets near the window for lots of flattering natural light.

Create a recognizable style and use cute pets. You'll attract thousands of pet-loving followers. Take full advantage of social media!

4. Create a Calendar:

All you need are a dozen great pet photos plus one for the cover. Round up your cutest pet photos and make your own calendar.

Use a printer that offers easy-to-use templates and low per-unit pricing. Buy them in bulk for the best deals.

Hold Instagram contests. Use the calenders as prizes throughout November, December, and early January.

Sell the calendar right from your website.

5. Send a Monthly Newsletter:

Connect with your customers through a newsletter. Include coupons, events, and a pet of the month.

Use the fishbowl technique for collecting email addresses.

Put a fishbowl on the counter and ask people to drop in a business card. Pick out a random card each month. Whoever wins gets a free sample or a calendar.

Your customers get a win and you get their email addresses.

6. Partner with a Shelter:

Many former pets languish in pet shelters where many end up euthanized. Have the shelter bring some animals once a month for an adoption day. You'll do a good deed and bring customers in at the same time.

Advertise the adoption days in your newsletter and your social media accounts.

Advertise Specialty Pet Stores Online:

Don't miss online advertising opportunities for specialty pet stores! Take advantage of social media with clever photo ops and smart branding.

Take advantage of your niche by promoting an online exotic pet show. Register with Google My Business. Create a calendar and send a regular newsletter.

Post on Instagram as often as possible, and watch your sales soar.

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