If you want to know what can be considered as the utmost feeling then it would be nothing but to sleep under a comfortable mattress and that too of your own choice on a chilly night. When we were kids, we had our favorite mattress that had a superhero or character imprinted. But, when we started growing up, all that mattered was a comfy and soft mattress.

Searching for a mattress that suits you in all types of weather and at the same time comforts, you is a damn difficult task. There are thousands of brands that sell blankets and experimenting and researching each one of them would be a confusing and daunting task.

You will be left wondering which ones to pick and which ones not. This guide would help you in choosing the blanket of your choice by going through a variety of blankets and their advantages and disadvantages.

What To Look In A Perfect Mattress

Comfort And Warmth:

Comfort And Warmth:

According to sleep experts, the average sleep temperature must neither be too hot nor too cold. It is said that the perfect temperature for sleeping is between 62 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whenever the temperature in your surrounding falls or rises, you need to adjust your temperature accordingly. And this is the exact function of a good blanket. Take a light to medium blanket and adjust your room temperature to a minimum of 62 degrees Fahrenheit and then you will find yourself in your comfort zone.

Many blankets are made up of wool or polar fleece and they can be extremely hot when used. Again, an electric blanket that is put up to a high temperature will also be extremely hot.


Your blanket should be non-allergic and make sure that they are not sensitive. Blankets can turn allergic because of the presence of dust mites which might lead to the person having allergies and diseases like asthma. And the coughing and sneezing from the dust and mites might keep you awake all night.

That is the reason you must use clean blankets and comforters. You can wash your blankets and comforters every week to prevent the accumulation of dust and mites. You are also suggested to avoid the comforters that are down-filled and wash your blankets in a hot dryer once a week.

Less Stress and Worries:Less Stress and Worries:

There are weighted blankets that are specifically made to relieve you from excess stress and worries. These blankets provide you warmth and comfort and will help the body in releasing the excess hormones. This relieves the body from tension, stress, anxiety, etc.

These blankets are filled with heavy pellets, glass beads that are sewn into small compartments so that they remain distributed evenly. The weighted blanket is most used to help patients with sleeplessness and stress and provide them with enough sleep and relaxation.

These blankets put pressure on the skin of the users and work as a comfortable and satisfactory touch and help the body to release happy hormones. These blankets make the user feel safe and secure by giving them comfort and warmth. This is the reason many people want to and do sleep under such blankets even during the summer.

The usage of this blanket depends on the age and weight of the user as they are available in multiple weights and sizes. 15 to 25 pounds weight is suitable for the adults while their body weight also depends here. The users are suggested to take the advice of a doctor or a specialist before using such types of blankets, especially in the case of kids and elder people. People with respiratory and heart issues are suggested not to use these types of blankets.

Use of Soft Blankets:

Use of Soft Blankets:

Experts say that you should choose a blanket that feels smooth on your skin. Some prefer the fuzzy ones, but the smoother ones are of the most demand. Talking about the babies, choosing the right blanket for them is very important. The softness of the blanket is a compulsory thing that needs to be checked for the babies.

She may sleep in this blanket every single night as well as the night she sleeps in her crib. Hence, she must be comfortable in it. Choosing the right blanket for your little princess is very tricky. You must pay attention to various factors to ensure your baby is healthy. It is better to learn how to choose a blanket before purchasing to avoid problems during usage.

Regular Use of the Same Blankets Causes Familiarity:

It has been seen that using the same blanket for a long time creates a habit and they tend to sleep faster under that blanket. This is a case not only for the kids but for some adults as well. Continuous sleeping under the same blanket creates a sense of conditional response in the users. In many cases, while going for an outing, many people tend to bring their favorite blankets and pillow along with them for a night of better sleep.

Not only blankets but the right bed and mattress size should also help in having proper sleep. For single sleepers, a twin-size or a full-size bed is appropriate. But if you are a couple or couple with kids, then you must also look for a queen-size or king-size bed. The queen size is the appropriate one for couples, but if you also have pets or kids with you then you must look for the king-size bed as they are 16 inches wider than the queen bed.


Choosing a blanket based on the price cannot give you the right answer as the quality is not equivalent to the price. Buying a blanket with a high price tag may not necessarily mean it is made from good-quality materials. The blanket may be made with high-quality material but the wrong combination of threads or filling causes the blanket to fall apart after a few months and even cause death by suffocation.

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