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mobile apps development
Things to Consider when you Plan to Develop a Mobile Application

Nowadays, it has become a common trend among people to turn to their mobile phones to meet their everyday computing needs. Hence, mobile apps present an appealing way to enhance sales, collect data and drive brand awareness. A business app….

BY Arun Goyal
iOS App
Things To Look For In An iOS App Developer

With the increasing trend of the iPhone in the market, it’s no surprise why there is an intense need for iPhone app developers. Users always seek something intrusive, something better, and being an iPhone app Development Company, coping with fast-growing….

BY Pratik Kanada
5 Great Meditation Apps for Mindfulness in 2018

The ever-rising popularity of yoga and fitness has created the awareness of maintaining health care. Since we’re living in a mobile-oriented world we need to give our mind some rest and peace. Some people are of the opinion that mobile….

BY Lara Jason
Best Charging Technologies
Some of the Best Charging Technologies and the Future of Charging Tech

One of the first things that we take a look at when we wake up is our smartphones, and even though we really shouldn’t be taking a look at our phone when we wake up, it’s habit. We check our….

BY Usman
Cloud Computing
What’s on the Verge in the world of Cloud Computing?

As we near the end of 2017, tech experts are coming up with new predictions surrounding cloud hosting. Debates are on what the technology caters today and where will it be tomorrow along with many unexpected trends enough to give….

BY Ayda J
The Importance of Headphones in Our Lives

Primarily, the listening, hearing and sharing sound is an essential element of the permanent process of our life. Today, life has become unfeasible without the occurrence of speakers and headphones. These headphones are not only made the sound outside capable….

BY lucamarcus
How to quickly create under construction page in WordPress
Dev & Design
How to quickly create under construction page in WordPress : ONB

Sometimes when you are browsing the internet, you will come across some pages that are ‘Under Construction’. These are pages on some websites, or entire websites, that are undergoing some major changes or are generally still not completely done. They….

BY Mashum
Glass Screen
Best Tips To Buy Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Your iPhone

The screen of the smartphone features highly sensitive and fragile. Therefore, empower your smart screen with a protector and tempered glass to avoid a hard time. No doubt, nothing could be so effective to prevent your smartphone screen from scratches,….

BY Edwin smith
screen recording app
Best Screen Recording App for MAC

Why does anyone need to have a screen recording app for the MAC device?  Needs are different for different people. It is possible that an employer wants to make a check on their employee’s productivity or maybe parents want to….

BY Arina Smith
Forgerock Identity Platform
All You Ned to Know about Forgerock Identity Platform

ForgeRock Identity Platform is the first open source solution for identity and access management. It is also 100% commercial and includes the following: OpenAM – For access management OpenIDM – For user administration OpenDJ – For directory services The term….

BY Arina Smith