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Types of Bathrooms
Home & garden
Types of Bathrooms (Infographic)

Whether you are just in the process of building your first house and can’t decide which types of bathrooms you want or a homeowner who is not really happy with their existing bathrooms, knowing which types of bathrooms you would….

BY Arina Smith
freelancing can help boost your career
Job & Career
Finding the Right Job in the Right Field (Infographic)

Millennials – the generation born after 1980 until the early 2000s – are starting to infiltrate the workforce. What was once the domain of the Baby Boomers and the Generation X are now being occupied by more and more millennials….

BY Mashum
Home & garden
5 Energy Efficient Implementations of Glass in Different Settings

Interiors in different types of setting and layouts have always been required to look good, elegant and unique in their own way. Interior designers and home or office owners are always looking for bright ideas to implement that look good….

BY Arina Smith
career development
Job & Career
How To Truly Become Successful In Your Career

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed, while others don’t? First, you need to realize that it is not sheer luck, but attitude that helps you run the extra-mile and achieve new heights. Always remember that success isn’t about bling and fancy….

BY Arina Smith
Myths About Entrepreneurship
Job & Career
8 Myths About Entrepreneurship That You Have To Know

The act of undertaking has meant some myths, such as the wrong concept of believing that it is an act that is only practiced by young people who are finishing their career and decide to set up their own business….

BY Arina Smith
good carbs and bad carbs
Health & Fitness
The list of good carbs and bad carbs- Your Catalogue

A rich source of calorie to your diet, carbohydrates is one of the basic food habits which support the healthier life of an individual. CALORIES! Yes! While some carbs are considered as an essential element which provides energy to your….

BY Mashum
Health & Fitness
Top Natural Ways To Help Get Water Out Of Ears

Most people might once in their life experience water going inside the ears when they are swimming or having a shower or bath. Water going into the ears is common and can lead to a sensation that causes lots of….

BY Emma Emma
Hair Styling
My Hair Styling Routine.

I have always liked being plain and simple. I only wear make-up on special occasions. I don’t do extra work with my hair on a regular basis. I like it that way. Low maintenance so to speak, lol! However, a….

BY Rosie
20 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Busy Mornings

We all have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet we don’t give it as much importance as we should. A good and healthy breakfast gives you energy for the day and keeps your appetite….

BY Arina Smith
8 Most Beautiful Small Towns And Villages In India That You Must Visit

India is a huge country. Its vastness cannot be fathomed in words. Apart from popular cities, there are several small towns and villages, which still boast of raw beauty. If you are tired of stressful city life, a vacation at….

BY Akansha Mawari