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Small Business
A small business guide to Instagram Stories (Info-graphic)

Instagram Stories are quick, simple and inexpensive – it’s easy to see why they are an excellent way for small businesses to engage with followers and attract new leads. Whether you already use Instagram for your marketing or not, the….

BY Arina Smith
Car Service
Tips for Choosing Budget – Friendly Car Service

Compare the price range of different car service and then choose the best affordable one for your car. You may face some trouble to find out the best car service because some of them provide you best service packages and….

BY Arina Smith
Commercial Lease – Essential Questions for a Prospective Tenant

One of the strategic moves being employed by both well-established companies and start-up ventures is leasing. When done right, it can save a business significant investment on fixed assets, as well as avoid long-term risks and obligations connected with property….

BY Mashum
Smart City Planning
Real Estate
Smart City Planning: What to Expect in Our Lifetime

If we have learned anything from recent years, it’s that if Google is investing in something, then it’s the real deal. The talk of smart city development has been making noise for a while now, but the reality of connected….

BY Arina Smith
engage content
How to Create Engaging Content – 6 Steps to Follow (Infographic)

The word “engaging” has become a fixture in the online content landscape over the past years. Many content marketing experts have discussed it, and many brands have invested so much ensuring such aspect on all of the content they produce…..

BY Arina Smith
Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Archive Text Messages

Mobile use has been prevalent in the past decade with the emergence and development of smartphones, and with it, text and chat apps have risen in popularity. At first it was for personal use, until it also entered businesses and….

BY Arina Smith
info for business
Small Business
What Makes an Impressive Business Leader?

A leaderplays an extremely crucial role in any type of business organization. Without them, it would be inconceivable for a business to establish its goals and objectives, let alone reach them. It is for this reason that these individuals possess….

BY Arina Smith
6 Top Tips For When Buying A Used Car

As the price of used cars go up and up, many of us are turning to buying used cars as a way to keep costs down. Buying a used car can save you huge amounts of money. However, it’s important….

BY James
contraction machinery
6 Reasons You Should Hire Rather Than Buy Plant Machinery

Have an urgent construction project that needs starting? Let’s face it, when you take price into consideration then the chances of you forking out for a brand new piece of construction equipment look pretty slim. After all, who wants to….

BY Arina Smith
foreign currency
How Are Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Determined?

Foreign currency rates display the correlation between the different currencies. It is like demand and supply rule when the demand for a specific currency increases, definitely its value also increases. Foreign currency exchange rate is a comparison between two currencies…..

BY Arina Smith