When you think about a profitable way people make money, one of the first things that come to mind is affiliate marketing. This method is somehow related to sales, and certain concepts are useful to know.

For example, some professionals are advertisers, they enter into a partnership with publishers, and publishers promote certain services or products to customers. The advertiser will pay the publishers, and the customers will buy from the advertiser.

This type of marketing is also an efficient method in iGaming, where you will find casino affiliates. So, let’s explore these concepts.

A Newer Way to Make Some Money: Affiliate Marketing

A Newer Way to Make Some Money: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the answer if you want to earn a commission while interacting with companies and customers and build a successful career. Your job will be to promote the services or products of a certain company to customers and perform a sale.

Once you have made a sale, the company pays you. You may notice that because of how affiliate marketers earn their income, they resemble commission-only sales representatives. Once you start promoting a company’s products, you will often use an affiliate network actually to sell them.

The common thing between a company and an affiliate marketer is called revenue sharing. When the company promotes a product or service, you as a marketer will initiate an affiliate program and help them sell it.

Parties Involved in the Affiliate Marketing Processes

Parties Involved in the Affiliate Marketing Processes

The Merchant

The merchant is the party that creates products or services, also known as the seller, the creator, or the brand. If you study an affiliate marketing program, you will notice that behind it could be a solo entrepreneur, a startup, or even a big company such as those Fortune 500 ones.

The merchant doesn’t have to be actively involved in the selling process, as their affiliates handle this part of the business. Their duty only involves having a product or service to sell.

The Affiliate

Also known as the publisher, the affiliate can be an individual or an entire company. It is up to the affiliates how much income they can generate, from a few hundred to tens of millions of dollars.

The Customer

The customer or the consumer sets the affiliate system in motion, and without them, the company cannot make revenue, and it cannot employ an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate, you can search for the best channel to promote your company’s products and services to customers.

When it comes to the best channels for promoting products or services, you can use social media, search engines (creating content for blogs), or digital billboards. The consumer will pay the retail price, which includes your affiliate commission.

The Network

The network is an indispensable element if you want to have an optimum overview of the affiliate marketing process. In many cases, you may notice that the network acts as an intermediary between the affiliate and the merchant.

As an affiliate, you will encounter many situations where you can only promote your products or services after using an affiliate network. This type of network is also a database of products, and it is up to you to choose the best ones you wish to promote to your customers.

6 Steps in the Affiliate Marketing Process

6 Steps in the Affiliate Marketing Process

  1. Use an ad or a link for your product or service on your website, blog, or social media accounts.
  2. The customers will start to click on your link.
  3. The customers will purchase your product or make a contract with your promoted company for that service.
  4. The affiliate network will record the transaction once it was made.
  5. The product or service owner will confirm that transaction.
  6. You receive your affiliate commission.

Affiliate Marketers and Online Casinos

Wise iGaming marketers will join a trustworthy online casino after they sign a written contract. That document states exactly the date of the month for payments and how they are offered. Then, the affiliates invest a lot of time and a certain sum of money to ensure success.

They will join a casino affiliate network after researching the best ones available and start promoting their business. When choosing which casino to collaborate with, they always make sure these are legit and take the necessary steps to avoid rogue betting establishments.

The casino affiliates usually earn between 25% and 30% of the player’s bet amounts. However, if you become proficient in this activity, you can earn between 50% to 60%. That will happen after you send high-volume traffic to your casino and generate high revenue for your online associate.

If your players are dedicated enough to play at your associated casino on a long-term basis, the casino may offer you a percentage. The only alternative for affiliate marketing that online casinos use is dedicated software. You could check here if you need additional information.

The Missing Link between Business and Money: Casino Affiliates

While online marketing is a viable option to promote a company’s services or products, there is another option to achieve the same result: affiliate marketing. Usually, this practice contains a simple 6-step process you and anyone can follow to earn extra income.

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing in the iGaming industry, read our previous section. That will offer you valuable information about what it means to do the job like a professional betting affiliate marketer.

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