Gone are the days when you had to rely on an optical shop to get your prescription glasses. Stuck at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak and want to buy prescription glasses? No problem!

Digital devices have made buying online glasses a lot more easy and convenient. From the comfort of your home, you can browse a wide collection of styles to choose the perfect frame.

Also, you will be able to save money on online glasses compared to similar frames from the eye doctor’s office. When it comes to your prescription, retailers like Vision Direct want to be as accurate as possible.

You need to educate yourself first before buying glasses online. You want an accurate lens to be delivered at your doorsteps, so make sure you know everything about placing an order online. Read on for everything you need to know about buying a perfect pair of glasses online today.


1. Get your prescription:

Before you start browsing new frames, you should have a valid glasses prescription from your eye doctor. Well, it’s pretty obvious that without a prescription, you cannot get the lens as per your requirements.

It is important to know your pupil distance, which is the space between your eyes. Your eye doctor will provide information about the accurate lens and frame for your prescription.

If your prescription has expired, you need to get your eyes checked again. So, the first thing you need to do is to get your prescription.

Choose retailer-Vision Direct’s virtual try-on technology:

In the next step, you have to choose a retailer. Vision Direct allows you to find the perfect pair by trying a variety of glasses with the most advanced virtual try-on tool. They have more than 1800 pairs of glasses, so you can try your favorite eyeglass brands such as Oakley, Tom Ford, and Ray-Ban using your webcam. This technology allows you to know what looks great on your face within seconds.

2. Get the perfect pair:

Search through Vision Direct’s extensive collection and find perfect designer eyeglasses or sunglasses. Vision Direct lets you sort frames by price and style. So, place an order online now!

  • Frame shape:

You need to know your face shape to choose the correct frame. What is your favorite frame shape? Do you like a rimless or cat-eye frame? Stand in front of the mirror to find out your face shape and choose a frame accordingly. Choosing the wrong frame shape can make your face look bigger and wider.

  • Frame size:

When it comes to picking the glasses, the frame size matters. You might have noticed that when you go to the optometrist, they go to great lengths to take certain measurements of your face shape and forehead. So, you need to know the total width, height, and other measurements like pupillary distance to choose the right frame size.

If you buy a pair which too tight it could restrict proper blood flow and you will be feeling uncomfortable all the time. Similarly, if you choose a frame that is too loose, you will continuously be adjusting it as it would not be secure to your head.

3. Enter your prescription:

In the final step, you have to fit your frame with the prescription lenses. Vision Direct allows you to enter information manually or upload it to the system.

Vision Direct is Australia’s most trusted online glasses retailer that allows you to browse hundreds of styles to choose the best fist for you. They provide eyewear at the best price in the market. They provide free shipping, and you get your glasses delivered at your doorstep. Vision Direct also offers a 24 months warranty on most designer eyewear brands.

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