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How AR and VR has Revolutionized the Classroom

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read June 9, 2018


With modern businesses proliferating online, in no time we could be seeing education following the same path!

It all makes sense!

The pace at which digital commerce sphere is growing, everything from primary/elementary schools to high schools and professional courses is bound to migrate to digital platforms. In no time there is going to a paradigm shift where these institutions become technologically advanced.

How is all of this going to come about so suddenly?

All thanks to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality taking over the tech space.

AR and VR are going to change how classrooms are going to be like

With all kinds of advances made in technology, new opportunities are rising to offer a better and immersive educational experience to students of all ages. They can now participate and enjoy learning. AR and VR technologies will help students learn effectively better in comparison to the otherwise traditional modes. This is not only going to overcome certain barriers in education but will also reduce the gaps as far as learning is concerned.

Moreover, the biggest benefit of AR and VR is their adaptability. The prices for AR and VR based equipment are not too much, they are pretty feasible. This is why most educators can afford these options to accomplish better learning objectives.

Visual learning helps students be more engaged in classrooms.

AR and VR based equipment provide the biggest benefit, which almost all educators are looking for today! What is that benefit? Class participation and responsive students.

AR and VR based education helps educators to engage more and more students in the classroom, not leaving room for distractions. A recent study reports that school teachers who have implemented AR and VR technology in their classrooms has changed the scenario for the whole classroom. The students are coming to love visual modes of teaching. They watch their lessons and lectures, they take notes at the comforts of their home and get more engrossed in learning everything. Not only has the level of class participation increased but also the levels of concentration.

Apart from concentration levels, AR and VR have also helped improve motor skills among students by enhancing imaginative play and interactive thinking. What has also helped AR and VR based education system are the number of educational applications? More and more mobile app development companies are focussing on the rising trends of educational mobile apps by helping students, all across the globe, to learn new lessons and accumulate new skills which are going to help them in the long run. These skills are going to make them better at their future workplaces and will also help them face the real-world problems better. This is what makes the learning experience better and more relevant to the millennial generation.

Creating professional, responsible adults through technology

Most educators across the globe are preferring AR and VR based technology in the education sector because it allows the students to take up new avenues in life in a better manner. It allows students to put themselves into other people’s shoes and look at life with a completely new perspective. Students who are exposed to challenging situations in a calculative manner early on tend to become better in their future adult lives. They get a hands-on experience with various work life and adult life issues like unequal pay, discrimination, dealing with social and emotional health, developing empathy, and other such valuable lessons. These lessons are not pre-decided and published into books and curricula, but these important lessons can be easily taught through these technological advancements.

Emerging opportunities for everyone to tap on!

With the coming times, the market for AR and VR based educational equipment is estimated to be worth $700 million. In fact, it is not going to be a surprise if most classrooms across the globe are going to be using visual modes to educate our future generations. Marketing professionals in the education sector realize this and are greatly interested in investing in AR and VR based technological equipment. This is the right time to be Investing in the future of education sector. Educational marketing firms and professionals are reaching out to educators and institutions to connect them with AR and VR tools. Moreover, not just for educators and marketing professionals, it is the right time to invest in modern education for mobile app development companies too! Anyone and everyone looking to succeed in the coming future should be using this time meticulously to invest in AR and VR based educational tools. In less than a decade, it is going to make all the difference!

Though not widespread, the usage of AR and VR tools in the current education sector is prevalent. The educators who are taking help of these modes in their classrooms are seeing results and providing positive feedbacks as well. Transforming the monotonous classroom environment into a lively tech-driven environment helps shape the future better. Moreover, the benefits are not just limited to students and educators. They surpass these basic levels and benefit tech giants and startups equally! Therefore, not tapping on these opportunities in this day and age would not be a wise decision!

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