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A “Multi-Stadium Listening Event” Organized By Ty Dolla $ign And Kanye West Cancelled!  

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

A “Multi-Stadium Listening Event” Organized By Ty Dolla $ign And Kanye West Cancelled!

It has been reported that the muti-stadium listening event that Kanye West and Ty Dolla organized $ign is canceled. A joint album was about to take place, which will not happen. The event was announced on 3 November, as the sources informed Billboard!

The album was about to be released on the same night. The dates keep getting pushed back; it is the second time that the date has been pushed back because originally, it was about to be on 13 October. Kanye West organized an intimate listening party on 1 October at a recording studio.

The rumor of the collaborative album rose after this intimate listening party, especially with the initiative that West was taking. Later, it was informed that the concert might not occur due to safety issues and fears.

The last collaboration between Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign was ‘Junya Pt 2’, which they performed alongside Playboi Carti in ‘Donda,’ the 2021 Ye’s album. Ye faced several controversial comments since last year.

He was also known as anti-semitic due to his behavior from last year when he released a new album where he faced issues with Instagram users. Later that year, there were some leaks regarding the 2019 gospel album. West also sued an unknown Instagram user because he was considered responsible for leaking music tracks from the album.

In the industry, West has been involved in a lot of controversies lately, especially with his controversial interactions, exchange of information, and treatment of other celebrities.

The rapper is unable to have a proper relationship, especially when a lot of people are saying that he is not a very positive influence. Even Julia Fox has highlighted the rapper as someone who might be having some red flags!

Based on industry standards, the collaborative album has been canceled, as reported recently!

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