5 Tips for Finding an Inpatient Treatment Facility

Inpatient Treatment

When someone is suffering from an addiction and needs help, they may not be able to choose a program for themselves. If you’re helping a loved one recover and an inpatient program is thought to be the best option, you need to know how to choose one.

Here are five tips for finding an inpatient addiction treatment center for your friend or family member.

Check for License and Accreditation

Addiction treatment centers that provide medical and mental health services need to have licenses to provide that type of care. If a program doesn’t provide these services, then they may not need a license to operate.

Check with the state where the facility is located to find out about their requirements. To look up state requirements, search for addiction treatment facility regulations.

In some states, such as Florida, the state department of children and families is responsible for licensing and regulating facilities and their services.

Ask About its Specialty

Many rehabilitation facilities specialize in either drug or alcohol addiction, but they may help dual diagnosis patients as well. Make sure the addiction your loved one has is going to be fully addressed by the facility.

Most inpatient programs oversee everything from the patient’s detox, counseling, and arranging for aftercare services for when they leave the program. If you own a facility, make it easier for those who need help to find your location by consulting with a drug rehab marketing company.

Research Their Amenities

Take the time to find out which amenities the facility offers. Many inpatient treatment centers not only offer room and board as nice as five-star hotels, but they may have recreational facilities, a gym, and a spa onsite.

Try to find out if what you see on their website matches reality and check with the state’s health department to find out if the facility has citations for code violations. Read some of the reviews on the site by real patients for an insight into their programs.

Check Insurance Coverage

Even though getting your loved one help is the primary goal, the ability to pay for treatment will be a big factor in choosing a program. Not everyone can afford to pay for treatment that costs hundreds of dollars per day.

If the patient has insurance, check to see if it covers inpatient rehabilitation programs and if it does, which facilities may be in their network. After getting a list of them, check each one to find out which services are included in their fees.

Ask About Family Therapy

If you’re trying to get help for a family member, find out what part you can play in their recovery. The addict doesn’t live in a bubble, and their addiction affects family and close friends as well. Most treatment facilities include family therapy during a patient’s stay.

Therapy sessions can address challenges within the family due to their loved one’s addiction, how they can be supportive, and they can learn how to communicate better. They can also help children better understand the addiction and help them begin to recover as well.

Sometimes going an inpatient addiction treatment facility is necessary to get someone away from a toxic atmosphere. They may have friends or family that are enablers, and recovery can be challenging in their presence.

Staying at a facility can give the patient a break from everything that may be overwhelming them, leading them to drink or use drugs. With these five tips, you should be able to find the best facility to begin their recovery.


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