The expansion of the operations related to businesses on a global platform has raised the need for storing data at an extraordinary rate. The expenses related to setting up and maintaining a data center with high-end security and perfect performance conditions are significantly high for any small and medium-sized industry. The increasing demand to meet the high operating bandwidth with limited IT budget has diverted the interest of companies in outsourcing their in-house data center to third-party service providers rather than setting up their own expensive data centers. The colocation service managed by data center providers is helping the companies by letting them focus on streamlining their business operations and revenue generation. The data center colocation service providers take care of the computing hardware, storage space, and power consumption needs along with the advanced networking facilities of smaller organizations. A Colocation is yet another data center solutions facility that is used for renting space for servers and other computing hardware for smaller organizations. It is mostly identified as an information center hosting available at very low and affordable rates.


While you are choosing among the options to host your IT infrastructure, there is a lot to take into consideration. Colocation not only gives you complete control over your hardware but also gives you ownership of your data and infrastructure. This boosts up your network uptime and physical security too. So, here’s 5 things that you must look, before choosing a colocation service provider-

1. Security and Redundancy :

One of the most important aspects of any colocation provider is to offer high-end security to its customer through their dedicated team with 24*7*365 monitoring and power supplies facility. You must ask your colocation provider to go the extra mile and offer you backup power supplies in case of any unforeseen events. This can be fulfilled by accessing redundant data that are stored at different locations.

Security and Redundancy

2. Scalability :

There may be situations where you would be needing an extra server which will gain require more space, power, and cooling facilities. So, you must check on with the colocation provider that can offer you to increase your space as standard, leveraging you with the option of expanding your business with agility. Remember, in any case, you must always pay for what you use and help yourself from wasting resources.

3. Flexibility : 

The change in demand for IT services is changing the priorities of the business on daily basis. Your service provider must be flexible enough to understand the need of your organization and adopt those changes. Also, depending on these evolving needs the colocation provider must offer you additional services and configurations.


4. Location: 

Talking of reliability, a data center must be focused on their uptime and location that plays a crucial part in your decision for choosing a service provider. It must be your key priority to choose a colocation provider with 100% uptime. Tier 3 data centers promise to offer an uptime of 99.98% or more, which is equivalent to no more than 1.6 hours of downtime a year.  Again, the central location of a data center is always a thumbs-up as they guarantee prime connectivity which is very important for your business continuity.


5. Support : 

You must always choose a data center with a good customer-relationship facility. It’s not always the physical characteristics, but to run a business with wider prospects a great partnership is equally important. Select a data center with a 24/7 hours support environment that is always ready to help you and accommodate you according to your needs. The colocation provider should always beside you when you amend your agreement, report an issue, or even seek advice from.


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