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17 Best Stremio Addons For You | The Largest List Of 2022

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read October 9, 2021 Last Updated on: November 18th, 2022

stremio addons

Stremio addons are one of the few top addons allowing you to get access to movies, videos, TV shows, sports live, etc. Stremio is one of the best apps you can use now to download movies and other content. It is a very easy-to-use software application and allows users to download add-ons from the interface directly. You can even access the official add-ons supporting YouTube videos, playing local files, and downloading subtitles, etc.

Are you looking for some best stremio addons of 2022 which would provide you unlimited content access? We have some best suggestions in this guide. Read more….

Are Stremio Addons Safe?

The majority of Stremio community addons are curated for well-known, well-documented streaming services. However, at times, Stremio makes the error of bundling potentially hazardous peer-to-peer (P2P) extensions. This is how the potentially safe best stremio addons get infected. Otherwise, the popular stream community addons are more er less safe

How To Install Stremio Addons?

If you are already a Stremio User, you must know addons are mandatory for Stremio Services. But for those who have just started using the app, here is an installation guide for you. To install the best stremio addons on Android and Windows system one may follow the below steps.

For Android

  • Click on the settings icon at the right-hand corner of the home page
  • Go to the Community Addons option
  • Click on the Install add-on button.
  • You will see a pop-up for confirmation
  • Confirm to install.

For Web 

  • Click the puzzle icon in the top right corner and hit the addon menu
  • Look for the stremio addons in the search bar.
  • Also, you can browse through the existing addons with the left side menu
  • If you want to install any, click on the install button from the user account.

In fact, using a good VPN is essential if you are using stremio addons for secure and private access to content.

Best free VPNs for P2P torrenting


Remember, you are using VPN for some security purposes at the first point, so everything which comes as free is not an ideal choice to make. Even when you for free options, try to choose only the free version of the premium providers, which they offer initially as a trial with a hope that you may upgrade to premium later. Also look at the speed, bandwidth, log policy, servers, torrent support, etc. before choosing the best free VPN for torrenting. Some good options are:

# Hide .me: Offering both free and premium plans, Hide.me offers unlimited bandwidth and a no log policy.

# Windscribe VPN: It’s a top Canadian VPN that doesn’t keep any logs of user activities and has excellent software on offer. It works reliably with US Netflix too.

# Cyberghost: As the latest update, torrents are now blocked on the free plan of Cyberghost, but the premium version offers this. The provider also ensures no logs and excellent speeds.

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17 Best Stremio Addons In The Market

Stremio has made people replace the popular video streaming applications. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Mainly in the COVID 19 lockdown, the app has gained outstanding popularity. Due to its easy user interface, high-quality videos, and huge stremio addons repository, it has taken the stage overnight.

Here are some of the best Stremio Addons suggestions in the market for you:

1. YouTube 

You can watch YouTube ad-free through this add-on and also get a notification on your favorite videos getting uploaded. This plugin is a fantastic method to search for and view YouTube videos. It generally remains preinstalled in this app.


It is an official Stremio add-on that may come preloaded. OpenSubtitles is a must-have addition for everyone who enjoys watching movies and shows with subtitles.

3. Open Videos

Another of the best Stremio addons we’ve featured is Open Video. You may watch videos in SD to HD quality and up to 4K resolution with this extension. This stremio addon repository upgrades itself on a regulating basis.

4. Downloader

It is one Stremio community addon that lets you download movies and series free of cost and also at super streaming quality. The key features of this addon are its strong ecurity, vast database, and premium quality content.

5. Juan Carlos

It downloads and streams recent movies, TV shows, and documentaries from well-known torrent sites including KAT. YTS, RARBG, and MegaTorrents. The best thing about this stremio addons repository is that it is continuously updated.

6. RAR

In the realm of Stremio addons, RARBG is another well-known name. It’s a massive stremio addons repository of your favorite material, including movies and television shows.

7. Ex Addon

Ex Addon isn’t one of the most intriguing Stremio community addons. It does not include the most recent films or television series. It does, however, offer you access to select public domain masterpieces. Ex Addon is a good option if you want to watch ancient movies that aren’t copyrighted.

8. Popcorn Time

This offers access to a large number of movies and TV series as available through EZTV and YTS on Strem. Also, it provides you with high-quality on-demand entertainment such as movies, TV programs, documentaries, and more.

9. IBERIAN Addon 

Among the best Stremio addons, IBERIAN addon continues to be the leader. It provides on-demand access to the most recent films and television shows in the finest possible quality. Do you know one secret regarding Iberian Addon? Once you download it, there is no requirement of thinking about any other stremio community addons. It is all in one!

10. PirateBay 

You can fetch all the PirateBay series on a single episode. This addon allows you to watch torrents without needing to first download them to your device. It contains an inexhaustible library of your favorite films and television series.

11. Mixer

To get access to watch the live streams at Stremio Mixer.com.

12. Netflix 

To watch the Netflix streaming content as movies and dedicated series. It is one of the best stremio addons that allow you to browse the complete Netflix library of movies, programs, and other sorts of material.

13. WatchHub

This is a built-in Stremio add-on to watch the most popular movies, TV series, and other shows from the top providers like Hulu, iTunes, Amazon Prime, etc.

Some other top add-ons to name are Cinema, Local files, TorrentFreak, Books, Ratings+, Dice add-on, PirateBay+, CDN Videos, etc.

14. VODO

This one of the best stremio add ons serves as the most effective platform for promoting indie films. You can independent movies of independent entertainment companies free of any charges using VODO addon.

15. FilmOn VOD

FilmOn VOD is one of the most popular stremio live TV addons. This official stremio addon has uncountable live TV channels, TV shows, free movies absolutely for free. If you a TV show buff, then stremio addons repository like FimOn VOD is recommended.

16. Twitch

Another one from the list stremio live TV addons -Twitch. Although this stremio addon repository is for sports channels, and live IPTC channels. If you do not want to miss your favorite sports event, shift to Twitch addon right now.

17. DTube

DTube stremio addon repository is very close to Youtube in terms of features with a huge pile of videos. The most astonishing thing about DTube is its reward program for unique creators in the form of cryptocurrencies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Some Addons On Stremio?

Stremio is the best repository of addons. Some of the best addons in the stremio addons repository are Pirate Bay, Netflix, Popcorn Time, RARBG, YouTube, OpenSubtitles, etc.

Q2. Do You Need A Vpn For Stremio?

Stremio addons repository is not free from viruses. Hence, it is advisable to use Stremio with VPN. Using Stremio addons without VPN could harm your device by injecting spyware, malware, and viruses.

Q3. What Is Better Than Stremio?

There are few alternatives of Stremio, however, not each of them contains all stremio live TV addons. However, these are as follows: Streamit, Lion Fix, Fiz Movies 1.4, Biddu5.0, Movies Diary1.0.

Wrapping it Up!

Here we have already mentioned all Stremio addons which have received the “Best” title and you can install for unlimited content addons. Me and my friends have personally tested some of these add-ons hence we listed all of these.  I will also make sure that as soon as I get to know any new addon, I will add it to this article. Hope you had a piece of great knowledge about stremio live TV add ons.

Do not hesitate to drop your valuable opinions in the comment section below!

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